“I am grateful for you as I got a job at Centennial college following the CAMP gathering hosted by the college I attended.”

Looking forward to hear & participate in your new projects.

Best regards,-Mireille


“CAMP has helped me out tremendously. Since moving to Toronto, a completely new city to me, where I didn’t know anyone, I’ve met so many marketing professionals like myself going through this sensitive transition. I now feel like part of a community.”

– Melwyn D’Costa



“I realized after attending my first couple of events that CAMP is more than a mere ‘networking’ organization. It definitely made my move to Toronto an easier one”

– Alberto Lossada



“I am very impressed with the functioning of CAMP. It’s good that everyone finds something that interests them. The organizers are always very friendly and responsible at the meetings. The events that I attended and the people that I met made my transition to Toronto very easy. I hope you guys keep up the good work.”

– Irina