About CAMP

Integrate. Inspire. Innovate.


When new Canadians succeed, all of Canada wins. Our common dream is for Canada’s continued development and growth, where international skills and talent is recognized and productively utilized.


Through monthly meetings and events, CAMP members build on the intellectual and social capital that can help them get ahead. CAMP provides a forum for members to network and support each other, explore career leads, share experiences, pick up tips from industry leaders, volunteer their skills and time and make a difference to a cause they support.


Together, we succeed sooner


CAMP provides a forum, where career enhancement is faster as it builds upon the skills, knowledge and connections of its members. The Executive Team and members volunteer their time and skills and enthusiastically take on roles that help achieve our mission.


And we celebrate members’ successes by getting them to share their winning strategies that helped them get the breakthrough they were seeking. CAMP members are provided an opportunity for advancing their career objectives through special networking events, innovative educational forums and professional development opportunities.